Sunday, December 22, 2013

Creating Pottery

My very first piece of pottery - a pinch pot :)
 Today I had the chance to see the results of my first attempt at pottery.  I was so excited!!!  My friend Ellen who is a master potter has been letting me play in her "garagio" (studio in garage) and it has been so much fun.  I'm excited to share some pictures of what came out of the kiln.

My second pinch pot - shaped and glazed as a strawberry

I also made a sphere rattle that you can see in the bowl :)

Some of the ornaments I made too :)

Please be sure and check out Ellen's Etsy shop at 

She has some incredible pottery that is beautiful and functional.  

Wishing you a creative and fun-filled day,



  1. What fun Christine...I used to have a kiln and a ceramic shop back in the last century but used only molds...I would love to give free form a try...all I have done lately is with air dry clay or poly clay...can't wait to see more of your creations. Now to jump over the Ellen's shop and browse...

    1. I'm loving it Darlene! It's a chance to hang out with a new friend and create :)

  2. Christine I love the results of your clay play! Hand building is a love of mine and I haven't done any for 10 years. Seeing your pinch pots makes me yearn for some clay. Hurray.

  3. You are a 'star' student! :) Love to have your energy filling the garagio. Its so much more fun to work AND laugh...which I can't do alone. Well, I can...but then I just feel a little crazy. You know? You got pinch we do coils.