Friday, December 6, 2013

Creating Day 5 #Reverb13 - Memories are Made of This

2013 has been a year packed full of adventure, fun and lots of moments to remember here are a few (okay more than a few but wow it was hard to choose)...

We had a great time building the Hobbit house for Sammie's birthday under the direction of my fabulously talented sister, Katie who owns Numen Development where she builds cool sustainable houses out of recycled shipping containers :)

One of my favorite pictures of the year captured at sunset on Amelia Island

Camping at Fort Clinch State park our family self portrait
Sammie and Joe dressed and ready to rock out DragonCon one of the biggest SCI-FI Conventions here in the US

An owl rock I created - Many memories and fun art were created at Art nights this year!

Our Texas summer road trip and helping out Papa and Ma at the Farmer's Market

Mom retired after 40+ years of teaching and we did a family butt shot in front of her classroom to go with the other shots we have in front of famous places ;)

I have a cool app on my phone called Roadside Attractions and on one trip it led us to a reproduction of the Munster's House :)

Several trips to the Georgia aquarium this year with lots of friends and family!

In the summer we took our troop of 16 girl scouts to Savannah to the Juliette Gordan Low house and Tybee Island!

Many "ordinary/extraordinary" moments happened in carpool this year including some fun sunrises captured

Sammie took up photography as a hobby which has been delightful to watch and help capture moments

Mom and Dad came to visit from Texas :)

My sister Katie also got to visit several times and our phone conversations and laughter are memory builders for sure!

Orchestra events have been fun - Alex plays Cello and Sammie the Bass this year

Good memories captured around  several camp fires this year :)

The Great Blue Heron - seen on almost every kayaking trip we took :)


  1. WOW OH WOW!!!!! what a great year!!!

    1. It truly has been Darlene :) I am loving #Reverb13 and the gratitude I feel with each post

  2. Christine! I am loving REVERB13 too! For all the wonderful ways that I am getting to know you. It is so wonderful to see these exciting photographs of your life with your daughters, husband,and extended family. I love them--and have a particular fondness for the butt photo! Great dresses on great butts! Looks like a fantastic year!

  3. A family butt shot! That is about the funniest thing I have ever seen! I dislike my butt greatly and maybe doing something like this would heal my dislike. Thank you for making me smile at so many memories of yours. Almost like it made them myself.