Sunday, April 20, 2014

Creating the last day of Spring Break - Sunday

Sunday, the last day of Spring Break and the day of the concert arrived!!!

Needless to say people were excited!  

We woke up that morning with a plan.  We had to pack up everything and clean Bridget's apt. before we headed into the city.  We knew we would be getting back late and had to immediately jump in the car to head out of town.  It was sad to be packing up but okay since we still had another fun day in front of us!

Once our chores were done we headed back into the city.  Our first stop The Natural History Museum!!!

In the Subway tunnel outside of the Natural History Museum :)

We only had a couple of hours and I could have spent several days in this museum!  Some of my favorite exhibits included the Native American exhibit hall and the Mineral exhibit!
Here I am with a giant piece of Amethyst that looks like an owl!  One of the things I loved about this place it that you could touch things!!!  

Amazing sculptures of goddesses made out of precious stones.  I love rocks!!!

There were so many AMAZING pieces on display!!!  The history was so cool - I loved some of the first art pieces - ancient carvings!!!

After the museum we rode the subway to the "top" of Central Park and popped out at Columbus Square

We walked across the park on this beautiful day headed towards FAO Swartz.  We had to take a break and get a bite to eat at a sandwich shop since people were fading fast!

We played around at FAO toy store for a bit and then it was time.....

Joe and Bridget took a train back to Brooklyn so Joe could get a nap (after only having 4 hrs of sleep due to the Disco party the night before) and Bridget could relax (we wore her out!) The girls and I took a train to Times Square...

The Marque of the sold out concert they were attending!
 The line for the concert was over 2 NYC blocks's long!  We waited in line over an hour before they made it in!  The line wound its way through Broadway theaters which will definitely be in the plan (and budget) next time we visit!

Emma, Sammie and I people watched in Times Square while we waited. We also got a snack at a famous burger joint and met a fellow Texan who was our waiter, a musician and playwright!

After the show - they were beyond happy!!!

 The above picture is worth a thousand words of why we made the trip to NYC!  It was definitely a trip of a lifetime and one I think that will go down in the Awesome memory book!

We made it back to Brooklyn by 11pm.  Everyone switched into their jammies and grabbed their electronics and loaded into the car.

Driving out of NYC through the Holland Tunnel picture by Emma B.


  1. Oh my goodness...what a wonderful vacation ....Enjoyed all the photos and the narrative that walked me through them...

    1. Thanks Darlene - It was fun to write it out and go through the pictures again.

  2. What a good trip. Have enjoyed every episode. The pics and your words give a strong feeling for what y'all are doing. Love pic in the tunnel.