Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Creating a Blog about Spring Break and more.....

Dear Friends,

So last week was Spring Break here in GA.  We had a glorious time with so many fun adventures I'm not even sure where to start!  The beginning of the week started off with rest and relaxation.  Enjoying the spring flowers and sleeping in.  

A close up of my pink dogwood in bloom
For the most part I was off of media and enjoying time with family and friends.  Since today is Tuesday I think I will write a blog a day this week about what we did a week ago :) I have so much to process (including 2000+ pics) doing it a chunk at a time I can share and remember = a win!  
My friends Lisbeth, Jazlyn and Joselyn
Last week at this time I was washing & packing for a driving trip to NYC (more about that tomorrow) and I did a quick trip to the Atlanta Aquarium so a couple of friends of mine who had never been could experience it and have a little spring break fun...

The new female octopus at the aquarium- she and I hung out!!! I think she is so cool!!!

As always the Whale Sharks are so inspiring - I loved  this picture with the reflection

I have a TON more pics that I was trying to upload into an album last week - I may try again so you can "visit" the aquarium too... *Update* wooohooo * finally got it to work - for the whole album - be prepared for waaaaaayyyyyy too many Octopus photos - click here....Georgia Aquarium Album

Wrapping you around with infinite love and wishing you many great adventures,



  1. These photographs are so beautiful, and your friends look like they were having a great time! How you managed to go do this while playing a major trip with your family north to New York City is amazing!

    1. Thanks Ruth! At first I was a little grumpy that I had over extended myself but hanging out with the Octopus made my day!!! It was such a cool experience I know I was meant to be there right at that time!