Saturday, April 5, 2014

Creating a blog about process :)

#2 Funday Monday blog prompt - Today's prompt is about process...When you are in your "artistic flow" what are the tools &/or rituals you used to get yourself there? Is there a certain time of day you do your art and for how long? Do you listen to music? If so what kind? A favorite creative shirt/outfit you wear? We want to know the details and would love to see a picture of you creating!

Hello friends,

It's taken me all week to get a chance to sit down and write this blog for the prompt I posted on Monday!  I'm sitting here shaking my head that I wrote a prompt about process when I have had a week where my routine and process was thrown out the window due to lots of factors including exhaustion.  Last night I was able to get some good sleep and actually slept in - I woke up rejuvenated and the ready to write!

Me in the tulips at the Atlanta Botanical Garden - where inspiration and creativity "bloom!"

So when I think about this prompt and my life I remember some truths for myself - I must take care of the basics in my life in order to have my best life.  So for me that means:  Good Sleep (7 1/2-8hrs a night), Clean eating and daily exercise.  This leads to my artistic flow and creating space where my creativity blooms.  

Merlin my dog is usually at my feet or nearby while I am writing
When I am writing my blogs or posting on the DCP I am usually in my "dining room" where my desk and computer stay.  This morning there is a slight Spring chill in the air as the windows are open.  I love to hear the birds singing and my beautiful note C wind chimes (which have traveled with me since college) singing ever so gently when a breeze kicks up.  I also hear the water cycling in the fish tank like a bubbling creek.  Check out this previous blog post where there are more pictures of my "space" - "A Studio - What's that?"

A dawn picture from this week
I like to get up early - 5am before sunrise.  I love the "quiet" natural noises when I am writing.  If I am painting or creating some visual art I usually have some music on and people around  and that has happened in the evenings mostly.  I want to see in the near future about doing some painting on my own and creating the space and time to make that happen.  Early in the morning I'm usually in my yoga pants and a soft shirt since that is part of my morning routine to get in am yoga either before or after writing.  That still varies in my routine - since due to kid's routines sometimes one or the other is sacrificed (the art/yoga not the kids - however with now a pre-teen and teenager I may need to think on this - lol).  

I would love to paint this tulip - Large!
A lot of times I am "Creating" on the fly.  Pictures along the route of the "carpool" route.  Pulling over to capture the magic of the morning brings delight into my day.  Lately I have been capturing some images that I want to paint soon.

I have found since joining the Daily Creative Practice Group and being conscious of doing something creative everyday (even if I don't get a chance to post about it) I am open to even more creativity in my life.  It's like my yoga, gratitude or Flylady practice - 15 minutes a day makes a big difference in the quality of my life!  Sometimes that is all I have - 15 min. to write a quick poem or blog, snap a few pictures to post or dance a dance in Interplay with a friend.   

As I sit here writing to you, I stop to take a deep breath in and release it.  I have missed this process this week.  Writing brings me joy and I love sharing it with you.  I thank you for being "out there" to receive it.

Wrapping you around with infinite love and peace,



  1. Tending to self first is critical and probably the toughest challenge we all face as mom's and as creatives. Sometimes it's hard to tell where the art is part of the self that needs daily tending and where it is an external commitment that you feel 'expected' to do. As they say in the safety instructions: be sure to put your mask on before helping others! Thank you for making time in your process to share with us when you can and for enjoying it when you do.--Cheers!!

    1. Thanks Carol! I agree - It's the whole juggling act :) Some days I'm much better at it than others.

  2. Christine, I truly appreciate your deep breath and release at the end of this blog entry. I feel the richness of your life in all that you have expressed above. I am so glad that you entertain creativity daily and that you share it with us on DCP when you can and with me, personally, during our skype or phone calls. You are precious to me and so is your process of BEING HERE ON THIS EARTH. Big Love!

    1. Thanks Ruth!!! I am so thankful to have you in my life!

  3. I love this prompt and I so relate to your post. First and foremost I must care for myself so that I can even show up to be creative. When I am depleted it is so hard to be available for all that I want to accomplish. And creativity is blissful, but draining. I need to make sure that I continue to fill up the cup so it can be drained each day. Yoga, food and rest are essentials...
    Next that I'm working on, smiles and letting go...
    Thank you for sharing this post. I love the honesty. Sometimes we aren't as "on the ball" as we like to be, and that's got to be okay too...
    Your process, images and voicing really reaches me! Thanks again!!!