Saturday, April 19, 2014

Creating Spring Break's Special Saturday

Dear friends,

Last Saturday we woke up to a beautiful day in Brooklyn, NY.  Bridget, Joe and I woke up early and headed out walking parkside for about a mile to reach the top of Prospect Park and the farmer's market!  Squeeeeee.  I love farmer's markets, the samples, the colors, the variety - so much fun!

After the farmer's market we walked a couple of blocks up to Bridget's food co-op where we bought the girls some fresh NY bagels and chocolate croissants for breakfast, picked up some Kombucha for us and hiked back to the apt.

Once we ate and got organized we headed out for Coney Island.  This was the only morning that different factions wanted to go different ways.  The teenagers wanted to go straight to times square to try and find the boy band they had come to town to see (can you say needle in a haystack) since they were stalking them on Instagram and the rest of us wanted to go check out Coney Island.

A Panorama from the boardwalk looking at the 

Coney Island from the Subway 

After Coney Island  on the long train ride back into the city I snapped this shot - It made me smile the girls had acclimated well enough in 3 days that they were acting like the locals and sleeping on the trains!

Eating lunch in Bryant Park in Times Square
 We made it back to the city and had lunch (thanks Liz!) from an eatery in Grand Central Station that was on Emma's must do list :)  She was excited about their panini's!  We picked up lunch and walked a couple of blocks to the park to eat outside on this stunning day!

After lunch we headed to the free Staten Island Ferry so we could ride across and see Lady Liberty!

A view of the city as we rode the ferry back

One of my favorite pics of Sammie and I
Picture by Sammie G.

This picture is for my friend, Maria P.

After the beautiful ferry ride we decided to head back to Brooklyn and make it an early night.  The girls thought BAP might be staying there from some pictures they saw :)  They also had a chance to swing in Prospect Park on the walk back to Bridget's apt.
A picture of sunset from the subway

The moon shining through trees in Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Joe and  Katie at the start of the Silent Disco :)

My sister, Katie, invited us out to a silent disco party in the NY Subway system.  You wear headphones and dj's are playing music and the group goes walking/dancing through the city.  I knew that I wouldn't be able to function the next day if I went so I opted out and hung out at the apt. with the girls who played cards.  It was great.  I also got a chance to meet a friend of Bridget's I'd heard about for years and chill a bit.  Joe went out dancing until 4am and had a blast!

It was another successful day in an incredible city.

Wrapping you around with infinite love and smiles,



  1. Your narrative and photos make me so happy! What fun you had with your family!

    1. Thanks Ruth - we truly did - Joe's still dreaming about the trip and I'm still smiling :)

  2. Y'all know how to have fun. Beautiful story with good pics.

    1. Thanks TJ - we do love to have fun! I wish I had a pic of the kids playing the card game BS it was fun too!