Thursday, April 17, 2014

Creating Spring Break - Last Thursday- NYC

Dear friends,

So last Thursday we woke up in Allentown, PA and after a quick hotel breakfast we were on the road.  We made it through New Jersey laughing at our misconceptions that it wouldn't have trees and went straight to Hoboken to check out Carlos Bakery - home of the Cake Boss.  It is a T.V. show my girls have watched for a couple of years and love about cake decorating. Carlo's Bake Shop was on Sammie's list of must see.  I got my first experience at parallel parking in years - that was funny!

The gang in front of the bakery
 The girls bought and ate Cannolies and Tiramasu as their treat and it was a great start to a full and busy day!

    After Carlos Bakery I drove to Brooklyn.  Through the Holland Tunnel and then on Canal Street through China town to get to our friend in Brooklyn!  It's not driving in NYC that's crazy it's finding parking!  After we unloaded, drove in circle for 40+ min and then finally parked a mile away, the girls were ready to hit the subways!

We arrived at our friend Bridget's apt in Brooklyn it is located right across from Prospect Park!

There was so much art to be found in the Subway stations like these pics of Marilyn Monroe that several of our crew wanted to imitate :)
The NY Public Library
One of our first stops after lunch in China Town and a quick walk around Little Italy - the NY Public Library!So cool!  It has beautiful artwork, paintings and a neat exhibit about children's literature that was fun!
Emma is the only one who has taken driver's ed so far but it doesn't look good for Alex!

I love this picture of the girls engaged in the exhibit and the reflections on the glass :)

This is an exhibit of "banned" books - I told the girls to take a pic so we could have our reading list!

 We went to Grand Central Station to check it out!
Grand Central Station - Yes people really do run for trains!
 And to Times Square - the girls wanted to make sure they knew where the concert venue was.
Times Square

The Statue of Liberty made out of Legos

Toys R Us in Times Square is so big it has a ferris wheel inside it!
 We all had a blast in the Toys R Us checking out so many cool displays!  We saw the Statue of Liberty, the empire state building, a T-Rex and More!

 Towards the end of the day we went to Roosevelt Island to ride the tram across the river at sunset.

The skylift we rode :)

A fun day of riding the subway!

Sammie took a stunning picture of the bridge and river but I'm having trouble finding it and will have to post it later.  It's way past my bed time and I'm off to get some sleep.

Wrapping you around with infinite love and beautiful dreams,



  1. WOW! I'm blown away with the fun, beauty, companionship, adventure posted here. Love love love it Christine!