Friday, April 18, 2014

Creating Spring Break - Last Friday Funday :)

Dear Friends,

Last Friday was a fun day in NYC.  We rode the subway into the city and got off at the Natural Science Museum stop across from Central Park.  Just being in the subway was stunning due to all the mosaics!

I loved this owl mosaic!

And the Dragonfly

Joe and I in Central Park - picture by Eva Burns
 We didn't make it into the museum on Friday  but we did take pictures of some of the murals in the subway tunnel!

We were on a mission.

Two days before we left on our trip I found out my sister, Katie, was also going to be in NYC at the same time as we were.

We didn't tell the kids but we pre-arranged to meet in Central park.  So that morning we went into the middle of Central park heading towards Belvedere Castle.

We stopped at a beautiful bridge over the lake and took some pictures before we continued on our path.

As we were approaching the castle (Sammie was in the lead) Aunt Katie and her friend Karyn ran by.

The whole gang was thrilled to meet up with Aunt Katie
Sammie's mouth literally dropped open and her head followed the jogger's progress as they ran by - priceless!
It was actually Emma and 
Eva who shouted - "Hey!  Isn't that Aunt Katie!!" At this point she turned and grinned her huge terrific grin and stopped for hugs!

We toured Belvedere Castle together and went on a miles long walk/hunt for public restrooms.  We stopped to swing in Central Park - so fun and a terrific idea of Eva's.  We then went to lunch at a favorite spot of the locals - Big Nicks with authentic NY Pizza and burgers.  Afterwards we went to Trader Joe's to pick up ice cream and kid champagne for a rooftop picnic.  On the way to Katie's friend's apt. we passed Jason Jones and Samantha Bee (The Daily Show) walking down the street - so cool!!!

A NYC rooftop picnic with a great view and ice cream and kid champagne - Aunt Katie is so cool!

Strawberry fields in Central Park
The whole gang took a break for a long swing in Central Park!

After our picnic we walked back across Central Park towards the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  We stopped by Strawberry Fields along the way.  The energy was definitely tough in that spot and it made me long for a giant smudge stick to clear it.  It was a beautiful memorial but did not feel peaceful to me.

One of my favorite pics of Bridget

One of the many fascinating exhibits at the MET

Taking a stroll through Central Park

A print of the painting on the left hangs in my master bath - This gallery was roped off so the picture is not as close as I would like it to be.

I realized this trip - everywhere I go I look for flowers and art.  How lovely it is to see both in Monet's paintings!
Monet's Lillies

My "Hot" husband at a street vendor :)

 After the MET Joe was tempted by the food carts and then we headed "home" on the subway.  As we exited the subway it was right on time for the last show at the movie theater 3 doors down from Bridget's brownstone.  So the teenagers were delighted to go see Divergent and Joe and Sammie went to see Captain America while Bridget and I went home and soaked our feet, had a cup of tea and relished a moment of quiet.

It was a fun filled and terrific Friday - One that will definitely go down in the memory books!  We walked over 6 miles this day too - so not only was it fun it was athletic too :)

Wrapping you around with infinite love and great thoughts,


P.S.  Here is the picture I was trying to find for yesterday's blog:

The gorgeous pic Sammie (11) took from the skylift on Thursday at dusk


  1. What a fabulous adventure you all had!! The kids will never forget it!! Good Moming

    1. Thanks Carol - It was definitely one for the memory books and they are both old enough to remember :)