Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Creating Day 5 - A studio - what's that?

C4ward March Blogathon: Day 5 Prompt

Bring to life the dynamics of your studio.  What gives you satisfaction in the studio? What are you currently exploring there? Create a "wish list" for your work.  What studio goals would allow for ecstasy?

Hello friends,

Today's prompt is beyond me at the moment so I decided to respond in pictures to show you were I work and play :) We don't officially have a "Studio" in the Gautreaux house - it is the house (which can be a blessing and a curse).

This is the view from directly above my computer where I write my blog  :)

This is one of the two bulletin boards I created Tuesday (inspired by my girl scout troop) at the Jr. High for Women's History Month - It was fun and fast :)

Here's a pic from Ellen's Gar-a-gio where I thankfully get to play with clay, create cool stuff and hang out with an awesome artist!

Here is a pic of my table in the dining room - it is old and paint spattered -  I live with 3 other artists - and we create everywhere. I put a tablecloth on it and call it good

This is a picture from a walk in my neighborhood on Sunday.  Nature inspires me and is the ultimate studio :)

This pic was taken from my car during one of my morning car pool trips - It's one of my favorites and reminds me that even in my "ordinary" world - Art is ever present!

 Wrapping you around with infinite love and wisdom,



  1. LOVE YOUR SPACE to create! YOU are infinite, powerful, and dynamic! YES to easy focus and having it all! Good to see the space by your computer and the art table that get's covered and makes all good!

  2. Christine, your creative space is wherever you go! Make good there!!--Carol Hays