Monday, March 3, 2014

Creating Day 3 - Sharing my favorite work and more....

Look at your body of creative work past and present. What work is your favorite? Why? What work are you the most proud of? Why? Are they the same work or different? Explain.
How would you communicate your feelings about this cherished work to a broader audience? 

Hello friends,

When I first read this prompt I was a little hesitant.  I don't think of myself as having a body of work.  I have just started to claim the title of "Artist" as one of my own and my mind went blank.  As the day has progressed and I've given it some thought I realized I do have a body of work that I have  been collecting throughout the years.  My poetry, my photographs, my dabbling in mixed media, my scarves and my work with people. 

I was looking through a journal of mine and decided I wanted to share one of my simple poems with you that ranks as one of my favorites:

by C. Gautreaux

You were there.

I feel it in my being.

From the moment we first met
I knew we had loved before.

You are my sister and my friend.

Together we have shared many lifetimes.

You were there
when spirit looked around  &
chose our paths.

You were holding my hand, 
surrounding  me in light &
searing the message into my soul...

I'll be there.

This poem is one of my favorites because it speaks of connections.  It speaks of friendships.  I've had it happen numerous times in my life where I just meet someone and I "know" them.  I wrote this poem at one of my women's retreats and it always brings a smile to my face and helps me to remember who I am and it reminds me of all the wonderful people I have in my life.

When I think of the work I'm most proud of my poems come up and my work with people, especially the children and families I've worked with over the years and my own kiddos.  I found the following picture in the journal I was flipping through today and I'll let it represent those feelings.



  1. Christine, this is beautiful. You poem could speak for so many of us. If you turned it into a greeting card, I'd buy a boxful. Your kiddo photo shouts love.

    1. Thanks Lee - great idea about the greeting cards :)

  2. Christine! I am so proud of you for reaching in deep and finding the courage to claim yourself as ARTIST! Hurray for knowing who we are!!! Yes to accepting our birthright and having the courage to proclaim it in poem, image, and dance. I love your poem and feel that it applies to our relationship! Here's to having it all!