Monday, March 10, 2014

Creating Day 10 - Creating Risks

What are some appropriate risks for you? Today, think about what are creative risks you might take in your creative practice. What risks can you take in your business? Are there risks you’ve taken that have led to positive change? Any that have not panned out they way you thought? What are some of your greatest successes that have arisen out of risks you’ve taken? If you are very risk averse, what is holding you back from making that leap? What support system(s) would you need to have in place in order to leap into that new creative or entrepreneurial space?

Hello friends,

Just sitting down to write today's blog and it's almost 10:00 - geez - where did this Monday go?

Twilight this morning

I think this prompt may need more brain power than I have left tonight.  I have been a risk taker most of my life - at 18 I went skydiving for the first time (you can hear me talk about it in a spoken word poem I wrote and performed here - "Fall" _)  and since then the adventures keep coming.

My latest risk and adventure has been in conjunction with my coaching business - Wisdom on Wings Coaching and you can read about part of that process here - Creating a New Business.

In regard specifically to my art - even speaking the words artist and claiming it for my own seems a little risky.  This year I am embracing it, dancing with it and playing with it to see where it goes.  

Here is the blog I wrote about Opportunites for Risk in a previous blog-a-thon.

I will ponder tonight's prompt some more this week and perhaps write a future blog on it when it's not past my bedtime :)

Wrapping you around with infinite love and wisdom,



  1. Taking risks is our creative heart taking flight. Soar!!

  2. Christine I admire your courage for going forward. The fact that you are blogging when you are tired is so admirable. You help keep me going too! Let's take incremental steps together.

    1. Yes to incremental steps Ruth!! Thank yo so much for this yummy Blog-a-thon - it is stretching me in good ways!

  3. Kudos for pushing through the end of the day & the Mom workabee low energy. I Know that spot well, when I can stretch I am usually glad. Will listen to your jumping out of airplane reading. Really love connecting with you and look forward to knowing you better.