Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Creating Day 12 - A Rant?

Prompt 12:  As an artist or creative entrepreneur, explore your relationship to money in a rant.
What do you want to proclaim about your art and its financial role in your life?
Aspects of money to consider:

Dear friends,

Today's prompt is a bit of a challenge for me since overall I'm not very good at ranting - unless we're talking about social injustice or why my family doesn't pick up after themselves (maybe I'm better at ranting than I think - lol).

But here is a quick poem that sums up my relationship with $ - it perplexes me.


They say you're a tool.  

Something used in the course of my everyday work.

I'd like to use you.

I'd like to know you.

Where do you come from?

Where do you go?

Why oh why do you come in so slow?


  1. A question for us all! Perhaps the real question is 'How do we become less dependent on you, George?' Love your poem!

  2. Made me laugh! Excellent questions raised!

  3. lol - and I hate it that we depend on it - I want to live a simpler and more sustainable life. Retire soon.

  4. brings to mind an old hillbilly song, Cotton Eyed Joe, "Where'd he come from, where'd he go? where'd he come from, Cotton eyed Joe.