Saturday, June 21, 2014

Creating a post for Summer Solstice and DCP Creative Challenge

Dear Friends,

Wow!  Has it has truly been over two months since I have last blogged?  For that matter since I have done any of my daily creative practices routinely.  Blah.  It was just over a month ago that we got the word that we would have to move which led to a series of fun, yet time-consuming events, which are best left to another post (and there will be one now that I'm back).  

Fast forward to today - Summer Solstice.  A big shout out of thanks to +Hallelujah Truth  for her DCP community and the 10 day creative challenge which is inspiring me to get back to my DCP and blogging.  

The beautiful flowers Joe brought home yesterday for my Bday weekend
This morning in honor of the Solstice, my upcoming birthday and the challenge, I opened a brand new pack of markers and celebrated by coloring a picture I found while I was sorting and decluttering.

Nothing better than a brand new pack of markers :)

Doesn't she look like a summer solstice Goddess?

Summer Solstice

Longest day of  year
challenge me to manifest
dreams to create change

Wrapping you around with infinite love and wisdom,


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  1. Very nice. How did I not know you had a blog until now? My mind boggles.