Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Day #4 DCP summer challenge

Dear friends,

Yesterday evening I went up into the North Georgia mountains for a training for some upcoming volunteer work at a women's prison. +Jennifer Denning facilitated this as the Atlanta Interplay Regional Director and her collaboration with Reforming Arts.  This picture was our view when the training was over.

 I am really being called to this work and using Interplay to do it.  Just like Spirit called me to Interplay.  A song keeps popping in my mind that I love and feels appropriate to what's happening with me right now..."You Gotta Sing."  I found this video and I thought it fit since she was "teaching" you how to do the song...

As I pack up my house and am currently living in a level of chaos that makes me crazy, I kept this picture I created a while ago on my fridge (when I packed up the rest of the magnets and do-dads).  Today +Hallelujah Truth asked what was on our fridge alter and it made me smile and realize why I had left this Mandala.  Order, creativity and beauty in the midst of chaos.

I am so Grateful for my life - my morning doodle :)
 I will miss my neighborhood and neighbors when we move next week.  Today I took a moment as I drank my tea to give gratitude for all the wonderful blessings this home has brought to me and my family.  A little brown thrasher came twice and pecked at the window to say hi (didn't catch it in the photo).
My view this morning as I drank my tea
 I had a wonderful Interplay Skype session with Ruth this morning and out of it came my DCP creative piece for the day.  She asked the question, "Who are you as you do the work of packing up your house?"  In response....

Wrapping you around with infinite love and grace today,



  1. Love your blogging spirit. Helps keep me centered! You are such an amazing friend and example of love!