Sunday, June 22, 2014

Creating a Second Birthday blog :)

Dear Friends,

Two blogs in one day!

Today after I did my DCP and blogged I headed off for an Interplay rehearsal in Decatur and lunch with a couple of dear friends.

After lunch I stopped by a friend's Labyrinth as it was calling me for a birthday walk.  Things I was reminded of:

I am excited about building a Labyrinth at my new house :)

Turtles carry their home with them and this guy toted 3 others too!

Trust your wings!


Angels can be found everywhere

Nature brings me peace

Harmony can be found in unlikely places

Sometimes there will be obstacles - just step right over them....

Obstacles can be made into art

At the center is home

4 for 44 and a sense of balance

This little bit of love was tucked under a turtle

Whimsey is always welcome in my life :)

Relax and...

have faith

and remember to take time to play (and swing)

Remember to Grow!

Love surrounds me

and so does beauty
 My heart is so full after a delightful day and am am so grateful that it began and ended with creativity :)  

Wrapping you around with infinite love and gratitude,


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