Monday, June 23, 2014

Day #3 DCP creative challenge

Dear Friends,

I started out my day with a fun and quick creative haiku and simple drawing for the DCP challenge....

On Monday's I have my Manifesting Monday group at the local coffee shop and meet with a small yet mighty group of women.

After a delightful and focusing meeting I was off to River Running, my absolute favorite water class of all times :)
We get in the outdoor lazy river and warm up by running with the current and then we switch and run, lunge, jump etc. against the current for 45+ minutes.

Love! Love! Love me some river running!

Today I had the treat of going to lunch with a dear friend to celebrate my birthday and that's also on the agenda for tomorrow too with another friend!  I feel so loved and supported.

Yesterday I posted a second, picture blog here:
Creating a Second Birthday Blog :)

One of the pictures that didn't get uploaded was this one:

I wanted to share the story that goes with it.  Yesterday when I was walking the labyrinth it was a warm and beautiful sunny summer day.  Right when I stepped into the middle and looked up at the sun the wind started blowing hard enough to cause the wooden wind chimes to start singing.  It made me grin.  It was like the universe affirming my walk, my journey and me :)

Today I'm off to an orientation at a North Georgia prison with some of my friends from Atlanta Interplay.  In the fall we will be doing some incredible work with them through Reforming Arts using Interplay. 

The beautiful fire my sweetheart built last night for my bday!

The first day of 44 has been fun, friend-filled and fantastic so far!

My beautiful geraniums

Wrapping you around with infinite love and joy,


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