Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Creating a move and so much more....

Dear friends,

I have never wanted to be a minimalist more in my life than in this moment!  Still packing and getting ready for an immanent move once closing occurs on our new house.
Yesterday was quite an adventure that I wanted to capture  and since I woke up at 5 with my brain whirring (even though I went to bed well after midnight) I thought I'd jot a few things down.

My friends Shelly and Eric came over yesterday morning to help me dig up special plants to transplant to the new house. I am so grateful for their help and support. One of the plants was my knockout rose bush that has special memories of BLES for me....
The beautiful bouquet of flowers Shelly cut
 I was looking around my pink dogwood for baby trees to transplant and found a whole nest of slugs....
The cool fat slug in my pink dogwood with little babies everywhere
 We also dug up my bed of purple irises and there was a flowering plant hidden in the shade of the shrubs and irises...not sure what it is but I love it!!!

a mysterious flower
 A storm was rolling in and we had a visitor....

a beautiful Doe in my front yard

not moving this beautiful weed
 Here's my truck loaded with the transplants headed to the new house....
Yep I'm my daddy's daughter
 I met the vent cleaning/air conditioning guys over at the new house and took the load of plants too.  I gave them a good soaking and look forward to planting them in my new yard....
the collection I moved today

Bugs on my rose at the new house - what to do?
 After triple the time I expected the guys were done at the house and my dear friend and neighbor called to tell me to stop by on the way home and pick up dinner for my family....

Homemade Chinese takeout from a dear friend
 I feel so loved and supported by my friends during this stressful time!  Thanks you +Ellen McCorkle for being so awesome! 

We found out our closing got pushed back a day, or two, so I need to reschedule a few things and breathe.  And since I still have a ton of packing to do I think it's all going to work out great.
The night was not over yet...
My friend, Maureen, who I've known since I was a kid but haven't seen in at least 20 years, was in town with her husband, Cary and we met at The Highlander in Midtown to catch up.  We had a terrific visit and I realized this morning we forgot to take any pictures!!

Life is full of adventure and yumminess!

Wrapping you around with infinite love and beauty,



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