Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Creating a Daily Creative Practice and more

Dear friends,  

As summer draws to a close and we prepare for the kids to go back to school a week from today (I KNOW it's ridiculous) I've been thinking about my routines or lack thereof at the moment.

I've been "off" track with perfect storm of  the move, several guests and summer sleep schedules. 
So today my creative DCP was finished at 9pm vs. 9am and I'm giving myself a little pat on the back that it was completed!

This morning I had tea on the front porch and back deck - lol vs. doing my yoga and I managed to get the picture below.  See the "orb" in the middle of the tree?  It's a spider web being illuminated by the sunlight :)

Here is my DCP that was just completed before I started on this blog.  It is a quick doodle done with a fine tip sharpie then filled in with water color pencils.  I rubbed water on it vs. painted just for fun and sheer laziness of trying to find the paintbrushes in a box somewhere.  I liked how it turned out and even got a nod of approval from the teenager!

The idea came from the fun book, Craft-a-Doodle, that my dear friend, Denise, gave me when she came to visit last week.  You met her in the Creating Connection Chronicles yesterday.  She had seen some of my posts in the +Hallelujah Truth 's Daily Creative Practice group on facebook and thought I would enjoy it - boy was she right!

As part of getting back into my groove I'm heading off to bed early so I'm going to make this brief today.   As I was starting to type, Sammie (the 12 yr old) popped in and was inspired to whip out a quick picture after she saw my owl :)

Sammie's drawing

Wrapping you around with infinite love and soft summer breezes,


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