Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Creating a sacred space

Dear friends,

Yesterday was spent shopping with my friend Bridget who's in town from New York (she was our host that you met in this blog...Creating Spring Break.)

We were on a mission to find swings that would work for my beautiful new front porch.  When we originally started researching we were leaning towards a traditional front porch swing and decided we had two problems...

1. My new porch is narrow and only about 4 ft across and we'd have to have one custom made

2. I'm not "traditional" in so many ways and we needed my front porch to greet people in a fun and funky way :)

We're in progress and hoping to finish in the next day or two but here are a few pics of what we have going so far....

The swing :)
The fun paper lanterns we'll hang once I find/get cup hooks

Me enjoying the swing for the first time!
I'm envisioning a mural painted on the ceiling of the porch, and candles and coziness!

It's fun to dream and create new spaces in our new home.  
I have an outdoor table to refinish and create a mosaic on for my back deck but that's a project and post for another day!!!

Wrapping you around with infinite love and summer stories,


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