Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Creating the Month of July

Dear Friends,

I'm amazed that it is July 22nd as I sit down in my new kitchen/breakfast nook to write this quick blog.  

It's been a wild month.

On July 4th we moved into our new home with the help of lots of friends.  
The strong ladies who helped with the move!

 Not pictured are Shelly and Cheryl who were lovingly cleaning my new kitchen and putting down liners so I would be ready to unpack!
Everyone was so amazing!!!

At the end of the day we went next door where our new neighbors were having

The strong men who helped load/unload 3! trucks

a fourth of July party.  
It was great to meet a lot of the new neighbors - of course I'm not sure of our first impression since we were exhausted after moving - but at least we were clean and semi-coherent!!!
My new kitchen! Yahoooo for working appliances!
The first week was spent unpacking the kitchen and getting the guest room in order since my friend, Sheila would be arriving to lead the 4th and final weekend of the Atlanta Interplay Life Practice program.  

(photo by Debra Hiers)

It was nice to take the 4 days to play with Interplay and some amazing friends.

We also got to celebrate Sheila's 75th birthday with a fantastic party and celebration!  The party was at +Hallelujah Truth 's lovely home and we brought gifts of performance!  To the right is a pic of Ruth, Marquetta, +Jennifer Denning and I dancing to Pearl Cleage's poem, "We Speak your Names."  Here is a small except:

"Because we are magical women,
born of magical women,
who are born of magical women,
we celebrate your magic.
My sisters, we are gathered here to speak your
We are here because we are your daughters
as surely as if you had conceived us, nurtured us,
carried us in your wombs, and then sent us out
into the world to make our mark
and see what we see, and be what we be, but better,
truer, deeper
because of the shining example of your own
incandescent lives."

Surrounding Sheila with Love - what a terrific evening and experience
Interplay Life Practice Completed!  Sheila is in the white!

Since that time there has been more unpacking, the long arduous process of painting the teenagers room - 4 coats - 2 primer and 2 color since we were covering a bright mint green!
The beginnings - will post when it is finished!

We've had tons of visitors this summer - but I'll save that story for another post :)

The last week we've been hanging out in the new house figuring out how things work and deciding on what systems need to be put in place.  I still have tons of unpacking to do and I'm looking forward to putting up the artwork once I'm sure where the furniture is staying. More pictures coming soon!

My view out the back door :)

I for one need to add 15 min of weeding a day to my routine!  I love the yard and I'm excited to be out in it!

Well I'm sure I've missed a few things but I wanted to start getting back into my blogging routine so I'll call it done!

Wrapping you around with infinite love and gratitude,



This collage is made from pictures from my friend's garden - I love it!


  1. Wow! Amazing when you write it all down. Thank you so much for hosting me in your beautiful new home. My love and good wishes for years of joy and laughter in your new space.