Monday, December 22, 2014

Reverb14 - Day 19 - signs and symbols

Dear friends,

I'm a little behind due to the youngest member of the household having the flu :(  but I wanted to finish up #Reverb14 so here we go...

Reverb14 Day 19: signs and symbols

Sometimes I feel like an intrepid explorer through the lush, terrifying, vibrant jungle that is daily life. When I am open, I start to notice clues everywhere; clues which guide me to questions that, in turn, lead to answers. I sense the very real possibility that I am not navigating my way on my own

Recently I realised that I had been gravitating to hot pink. This realisation led me to a photo which, in turn, brought back some memories which then led me to understand something about a burden I'd been carrying for a long time. And in that discovery, I was freed.

Today, I invite you to consider: what sorts of signs and symbols have recurred for you in 2014? Think: repeating colours, shapes, people, sayings, music, images, ideas. Where could they possibly be leading you?

What sorts of signs and symbols have recurred for you in 2014?  Where could they possibly be leading you?

When I 'tune in' most often it's the animals that show up for me... like the deer I wrote about here:

Oh Deer  and here:  Deer Totem.

I have stories about owls visiting in the middle of the day in answer to questions and more...let's have tea sometime. 

Butterflies have always been a symbol of transformation for me that I love!  

As I was searching for my Deer blogs I found this delightful blog from Reverb13 that includes Heron medicine and InterPlay - What went right in 2013 :) 

A couple of the biggest "signs" I've gotten this year have been around my Native American medicine work/retreats.  For years I have worn a medicine bag that I got when I moved to GA almost 8 years ago.  

My daughter pointed out this year that the symbol it has on it is also the symbol associated with Interplay!  My 2014 passion :0  I love that I have been wearing a symbol/sign of my two passions merging. 

 What signs have you seen this year? 

Wrapping you around with infinite love and wisdom,


ps.  This is our old "new house" ornament from the house we lived in for 7 years when we moved to GA and our teenagers 'reaction" when she unpacked it this year - lol.  We moved this July - we love our new house  but we're still adjusting.

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