Sunday, November 9, 2014

Home from a great retreat

Dear friends,

Just getting home from a magnificent weekend at my Fall Women's retreat.

Tomorrow I'll post more about the actual event.

Tonight before I head off to bed I'll share a couple of photos from the weekend and a poem I wrote at another retreat almost 10 years ago.

The view from the front porch

The beautiful moon I smudged people under

Dry Falls

The Rocks
by C. Gautreaux 2005

Oh strong one
standing firm
resting on Mother Earth
and basking in the sun and Father Sky.

You are a shelter
up above and down below
Your house is covered in
beautiful moss green carpet
 welcoming generations upon generations.

Watching time pass 
moment by moment
bearing the missteps of two leggeds and 4 leggeds
and the gale forces of mother nature.

Through it all remaining 
who you are...

The view as I departed tonight

Wrapping you around with infinite love and peace,



  1. Thank you for sharing ... the place looks divine from your photos. I look forward to hearing more :)

  2. How funny! As I was scrolling down looking at the photos, I was saying to myself the same thing that Kama said here!!! "HOW DIVINE" Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.

    1. Your welcome Elda and it was divine from nature, the weather, the home we stayed at, the food, the people.....aaaaaaaaah.

  3. Lovely photos - looks like a wonderful place for a retreat. And beautiful poem.

  4. wonderful photos!!! thanks for sharing!

  5. Dry Falls must have been named during a drought.