Friday, November 28, 2014

Climbing a granite mountain today

Dear friends,

After reading Rebecca Metz blog:
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I was inspired to play around with some photos I took  today.  Here is one result:

Today we hiked up to the top of Stone Mountain from the walk up trail with family and friends.  It was a beautiful day!

Some graffiti on the mountain
As we hiked I was thinking about this amazing mountain and how much granite we were walking on.  I was wondering about the "meaning" of granite so I looked it up at Spirit Journeys:

Properties: The elemental powers of water and earth, ocean tumbled granite is a unique stone combining the elements of the sea with the deep rooted foundations of the earth! These stones are often full of shiny, light reflecting druses. This stone is a great balancer of water and earth (emotions and practicality). Earth helps water to keep its deep emotions in check. This incredible stone works on both the Base/Root and Sacral/Spleen Chakra as it grounds unstable or unsure emotions. Therefore, granite is wonderful for allowing for increased protection and abundance. This stone works well on skepticism. It allows for diplomacy, discretion, cooperativeness and negativity. Granite is a wonderful relationship balancer. Ocean tumbled granite in particular helps us to see and understand the big picture. So it shows us to look past the little puddles in our lives and focus on an ocean of opportunity and advancement!
Folk Remedies: Granite has been used to strengthen the hair and ailments associated with face and head.
Feng Shui: Granite is used in the Northeast area for self cultivation, in the Southwest area for partners and relationships and the Center area grounding, good health and for dispersing negative energy throughout the room.
History: Granite (SiO2) (Al2O3) is composed primarily of quartz and feldspar. It also may contain Orthoclase, which is a form of feldspar which can form in plate-like layers, short prismatic crystals and tabular inclusions. Granite is an igneous rock and is formed from magma. Granitic magma has many potential origins but it must intrude other rocks. Most granite intrusions are at depth within the crust. Granite has been honored by many cultures, particularly the Aboriginal and Mayan cultures, as a sacred and powerful stone. The Egyptians incorporated granite in many of their pyramids. The Red Pyramid of Egypt, named for the light blood red hue, has exposed granite on its surface. The Menkaure's Pyramid was constructed of limestone and granite blocks. The Great Pyramid of Giza contains a huge granite sarcophagus made of "Red Aswan Granite."

Atlanta from Stone Mountain :)

We arrived at the top and played with some Interplay forms in celebration of 25 years of Interplay this year!

It was a fun and adventurous day.

Wrapping you around in infinite love and nature,

Hand Dance at the top of Stone Mountain


  1. Sounds like a wonderful fun hike, and how great to see some of your delightful photos. And I enjoyed reading about granite. Makes me want to go find some and stand on it as well.

    1. Thanks Deborah! It was. The granite info was interesting to me too. It made me want to research if this part of GA was once under the ocean since it kept talking about granite from the sea :)

  2. AWESOME photos and a GRAND time you had!! You have also inspired me to put some action to practice learning the steps that Rebecca sent us in the video. Thanks!

    1. Terrific Elda! I found her instructions to be clear and easy to follow - super fun to play with the pics!

  3. i haven't hiked up Stone Mountain in awhile. Did you know much of the curbs on the streets in Atlanta are made from granite from here? so - in Atlanta - the granite it always there! Now I appreciate it more.

    1. Such cool info Vickie - the history of the place is fascinating.