Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Creating Memories

Dear friends,

"Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose."
 ~From the television show The Wonder Years

Today I am grateful for many things in my life and wanted to share one with you...

Dinner on the fire (Salmon not Mickey Mouse)
After a day filled with retreat preparation and an upcoming school function I was delighted when my 16 year old daughter decided to make a fire in the back yard fire pit and then proceeded to cook dinner!

She and I ate salmon and Italian veggies over rice around the fire as the early Fall night surrounded us.

Even though it was a simple moment, it was delightful and filled my heart with joy.   

I know it will be a memory I treasure as this beautiful young woman prepares to leave the nest sooner than later.

What memories do you want to hold on too?

Wrapping you around with infinite love and warm memories,


P.s. Day 3 of the meditation series:

Day 3

The Source and Goal of Desire


My true self contains every possibility.


Ananta Swa Bhava
My Being is without beginning or end.


  1. The memories I most treasure are genuine sincere hugs from friends and loved ones and also times when I am out in nature enjoying the leaves rustling on the trees or water flowing in the lakes. These moments truly fill my soul.

    1. Elda, Thank you. Just reading those words brought back delightful memories I have of terrific hugs and Mother Nature. I agree with you - soul filling!

  2. Reading what you wrote about your child reminded me of all the times I had with my child as she was growing up. And now, I have the pleasure of being with a wonderful young woman of which I am able to spend time with tomorrow evening. :)