Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Creating a post for Jon

Dear friends,

I've been working on a poem today in tribute to a dear friend of my sister, Katie.  He was killed a year ago today cycling in Houston, TX.  

For Jon

I see the Sun shining through the trees
the light so needed in these darkened days.

I see the flower through the weeds
thankful for the gift it brings.

Today I am thinking of love
and loss.

How as humans the two go hand and hand
like a Ring around the Rosie spun out of control.

It’s all fun until someone gets hurt
my momma used to say.

It was fun - the screaming and laughing and playing,
innocent and unaware how things can change in a split second.

Today I am thinking of you
a friend so dear to those I love.

Gone in a moment, a lifetime too soon
like the Persieds raining down in the sky tonight,

A tribute for all the world to see
to your life, your brightness and your love.


Jonathan King Lennard
Dec 24, 1965 – Aug 12, 2013
Single, no kids
BS Aerospace Engineering, Texas, 1988
Part owner of Software company that does contract work for Shell Oil.
Musician (bass and guitar)
Walking encyclopedia of all things rock ‘n roll
Avid reader (a lot of science fiction, Asimov, etc)
Beer/Spirits/Coffee – no expense spared for the best.
Early on: skate, surf, kayak
Later: cycling and snowboarding

As a cyclist myself there are so many more things to say on this topic - so much awareness to bring.  I think I'll leave that for another post and today leave you with what another friend of his said in tribute, "This could be my last ride. Either make sure it isn’t, or make sure it’s worth it."

Wrapping you around with infinite love and healing,


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