Saturday, August 2, 2014

Creating Gratitude for Weekend Gifts

Dear friends,

 Grateful for a wonderful weekend so far.  Last night went out dancing in the park with my sweetheart!  We are so lucky to have both Duluth and Norcross town greens that offer free concerts and sometimes movies on Summer Friday nights.

 Last night A town A list was playing and they rocked the house!  We hit the dance floor when we first arrived and stayed until the last song.  Happy Happy heart - tired feet :)

There was an older couple dancing, jumping and jamming next too us that were a total inspiration!  We introduced ourselves after the band left and look forward to seeing them next time :)

We popped over to Mojitos Bistro to rehydrate with water, some yummy mariquitas (fried plantain chips) and more live music.  It was a terrific night out!

This morning we picked up Sammie from her friend's house where she had a terrific sleepover.  They played, painted, created monet's water lilly's cupcakes and swam too.

Since it was Saturday we included some relaxing time before chores.  I played around with circles in my Daily Creative Practice while Joe cooked a yummy brunch.

I was gifted with this tiny feather today (I think it's from a finch) as I was loading a big box that had to go for a return.  It was a delicate surprise and made me smile while doing a chore I wasn't looking forward too.  Accomplished tons today including finding running shoes on sale for Sammie and getting the majority of her school supplies checked off the list.

Took in this beautiful sunset as we were heading home from all the errands.  Had to pull of to take a quick picture on the side of the road to share.

Wrapping you around with infinite love and gratitude,


P.S. I was planning on talking more about Interplay - I guess that will be tomorrow's post....stay tuned :)


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