Thursday, August 14, 2014

Creating a blog to hit publish and confess my nuttiness

Dear friends,

It's been a busy two days as I prep for out of town company (always love using company as a good excuse to get tons of sh!@ done).  So here's a quick update in pics for tonight's blog....

Yesterday I hung up pictures in the new house - Yay!!  As Sammie said tonight, "It's starting to look like us!"
One of the walls in the living room :)

 This morning I did my yoga, listened to Deepok's 4th meditation about Love and did a quick doodle as part of my DCP....

I was such a grump bear today even with this meditation - can't imagine what I would have been like without it!

Roots and Rock - Berkeley Lake Walk
This morning I had the chance to go on a nice long walk with a friend and I stopped to take a pic of this tree I love.

I spent the day cleaning and organizing (and the night too).  Gah - this is the time I get a little nutty - right before company comes and the smidge of perfectionism I have rears it's ugly, grumpy head.

After I dropped Alex off at her job this afternoon I ran over to Home Goods to look for a few things I needed - found this great rug for the back door :)  It was a lovely break and productive too!

I'm calling it a night - have lots more to do but I'm tired and I'm valuing self care over perfectionism.  I'd love to hear what you get a little nutty over if you're willing to share :)

Wrapping you around with infinite love and peace,


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