Thursday, January 2, 2014

Creating a new craft out of great memories

Today as been an incredibly busy, emotional and productive day.  

Started it out with my yoga practice and gratitudes.  

Said goodbye to my friend Bridget as she headed back to New York :( 

Had a terrific Skype Interplay Session with Ruth!

Went to Zumba at the Y with Joe where we danced, sweated and laughed :)

Attended an inspiring memorial service for a friend's brother.
The words that I came away with that are wanting to be captured in an upcoming piece of art are:  We are INVITED on a JOURNEY, we have CHALLENGES and then we have GRACE.  

One of the calendar pages I started with
Finished out the night at a good friend's house chatting and creating a new (to me) craft.  I've shown the process below through pictures!  
Cut out circles from an old calendar and Holiday cards

Then bent the 20 circles into triangles
Here is the pattern for the triangle

Started with 5 made two "endcaps" and then a string of 10 to make the middle

Used 2 way glue and clothes pins to connect

Here I am with 2 of the finished projects :)

Thanks Shelly for a fun and creative project and for a delightful evening of chatting!!!

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