Saturday, January 4, 2014

Creating a Great Saturday

What a terrific day!!!

Started the morning off with my friend Ellen and lifting at the Y - we squatted, did bench presses and barbell rows - I say this so you know we worked our arms.

Went directly from there to Zumba down the hall with Joe.  Julie (one of our favorites) was the instructor and boy was it a great workout that included a lot of arm work - noodles, I tell you, my arms are noodles :)

Quickly came home and took a quick shower to head off to the Berkeley Lake Chapel (a couple of miles down the road)  to attend a Cognitively Based Compassion Training Introduction and get to experience the delightful Peace Dance facilitated by Anahata Iradah.

One of the handouts from the meeting today - great stuff!

I came home to cook and eat a delightful meal with the family - 

So google - Paleo Mom Shrimp Curry Cabbage and the recipe is

Gautreaux Gang tested and two thumbs up!!!

My daily creative practice was to do a quick watercolor for the

granddaughter of a DCP member who was under the weather on 

her birthday and her sweet grandmother asked us to all make

some art for her :)

My daily creative practice for today

Finished the night at the neighborhood book club where  we

talked about "The No. I Ladies' Detective Agency" by Alexander 

McCall Smith.

Wishing you all the best!


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