Sunday, October 19, 2014

Creating a Week in Review

Dear friends,

Life has been so full and busy lately I have gotten out of my blogging rhythm and this blog is the first step in getting back into it!

The butterflies were beautiful
Since the Creating Adventure at Alchemy  I have also been on a camping adventure with my girl scout troop.  We camped in the North Georgia mountains near Clarkesville at one of my scout's grandmother's place which is surrounded on three sides by national forest.  I wanted to share some of the pictures I took that weekend.

They enjoyed the Zinnias

The only thing I caught fishing!

I LOVE nature!

Many adventures were had crossing this bridge!

I've had scouts activities two weekends in a row :)
This weekend my troop and I had the privilege to be a part of the Empty Bowls Norcross event which my friend +Ellen McCorkle organized.

Sammie and the bowl she made :)

Lots of beautiful bowls were created and then sold for charity!

So proud of my troop and the Duluth Service Unit scouts for contributing close to 100 bowls!!!

Check out Empty Bowls and their amazing work!

This event was truly wonderful from start to finish.  It's been six months in the making.  My troop started the process by learning how to hand form and decorate pottery bowls.  Yesterday they did community service work by serving soup and helping customers at the event which helped raise awareness about hunger in our community.

On a personal note in addition to how proud I am as a troop leader it was a very empowering event for me.  I had 6 bowls I made for the event and 4 of them sold.  The people were so excited to get them and so complimentary (even when they didn't know I made the bowl) it gave my new and baby artist self the confidence to continue.  

I have loved my beginning work with clay and yesterday was for sure a boost.

I also had a very InterPlay full week which I was able to write about for Atlanta InterPlay about Grace Making and I hope you can take a moment to read this blog: InterPlay and Grace Making.

Moss on a tree in North GA.

I'm currently working on two big projects that are rapidly approaching:

1.  The InterPlay Atlanta Free FUNdraising Lunch  which happens next Saturday on the 25th of October to celebrate 25 years of InterPlay.

2.  My upcoming Finding Peace through Play women's retreat!

 Let me know if you're interested in attending either of these two events - I'd love to have your support and be able to hang out with you!

I'd also love to hear what you've been up to during this busy full Fall.  Are you enjoying the weather?  What projects are you working on that sing to your soul?

Wrapping you around with infinite love and fullness,


P.S.  I love where we live!  Friday night we had an artist walk in Downtown Duluth - saw tons of friends and got to listen to the Gwinnett Philharmonic Orchestra on the town green under the stars with a gentle Fall breeze cuing up right when they were playing "Pirates of the Caribbean."  


My cousin Shannon got married yesterday on the beach in Mexico (near San Diego where she lives) and even though I couldn't be with her in person I was with her in spirit and am wishing her all the best in her marriage and life!

A blessing that was given to us when we Joe and I got married 20 years ago


  1. Christine, I found your blog thru the Inspired Blogging group. I love your nature photos, sounds like a great trip in many ways!

    1. Thanks Janet! It was a great trip - I'm a very lucky lady :)

  2. Hi Christine, I also just saw your post in Inspired Blogging group. Love all your photos. Nature is so beautiful and you have captured it so well. You did what I did also a few days ago, hit publish in hopes of getting back in the blogging groove. Nice meeting you!! :)

  3. you have been so busy - and it all sounds so positive and so wonderful. Next time there is an artwalk in Duluth - let me know - I'm going to try to get out more. Maybe another retreat - I'm in Colorado that weekend! best of luck

    1. I'd love to see you more Vickie - I'll do my best to let you know about the next one!

  4. Christine, your stories and pictures of nature made me long for the north. I visited Duluth and Grand Marais about a year ago and it still lives in my heart. Thank you, especially, for the monarch photographs.

    1. Your welcome Susan - I relied to you several times from my phone but just realized they didn't post! I'm actually in Duluth, Ga but I love that my blog brought up great memories for you!!

  5. Noticed how the butterflies, the flowers and the fungus (?) on the tree all have similar colors and shapes. Beautiful! And the Empty Bowls - what a great idea. Congratulations on your sales and for participaing in such a great event.

    1. Thanks Linda! I loved those photos and realized I had a hard time blogging this week because I loved seeing that butterfly pic at the top of my blog :)

  6. Fabulous photos Christine. And the Empty Bowls project is wonderful on SO many levels. Kudos to everyone!