Wednesday, October 1, 2014

An unexpected gift

Yesterday when I got home from work I discovered this had been created in my backyard!

We had to rush off to pick up a kiddo and make a late mtg so walking the new, temporary Labyrinth had to be postponed.  I snapped this beautiful picture of the Sunset as Joe drove.

After a quick DCP this morning (before the sun rose) I finally got my chance....

The overnight rain had tried to wipe away this gift - but the lines were still visible. So at dawn I entered through the North.

I made my way to the center giving gratitude for this beautiful day and my thoughtful, loving husband who created this gift. It was his way to say he's on board for creating a permanent Labyrint in our 'secret' garden at our new home.

Wrapping you around with infinite love and gratitude,


P.s. World Wide Labyrinth Locator

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