Sunday, November 10, 2013

Creating Creating Creating I could talk about....

After two months of blogging daily it has been weird to be on break (at first for a women's retreat and then out of routine).  As I sit to write this first blog back I'm in a pickle...what do I write about.  Again the Interplay form of "I could talk about" comes to my mind.  

I could talk about....

....Having company almost everyday for over a month
....Having amazing friends fly in from New York and Texas to attend the women's retreat
....The Highlands, NC and a beautiful Women's Retreat with 6 amazing ladies
....Attending my daughter's HS Orchestra concert and the music being so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes.

....Facilitating a Reflections Art Competition Reception and my daughter Sammie taking home 1st place in photography in her grade level.
Sammie's winning photograph

....My girl scout troop of 16 6th graders who make me laugh!
....My house that I am so grateful for yet needs a de-cluttering and Fall cleaning :)
....Interplay and how much I am loving it!
....Helping my oldest daughter cat sit a beloved neighbor's cat
....An upcoming Interplay workshop in ATL and Norcross.
....My husband Joe's incredible art that inspires me.
....How much I love Fall and all the natural art that I come across daily here in North Georgia.
....How poetry touches my soul and I am thankful.
....Our trip the the aquarium  - magical
....Our trip to the Natural History Museum and lunch at Swan Carriage House
....My truck getting broken into and all of my friend's luggage getting stolen on her last day here in ATL :(
....What I did with the first two hours that I had to myself in over a month
....My new business that I am going to launch in January
....This time of year smells like Thanksgiving to me and that makes my heart smile. 
....How parenting a teenager is at times the hardest thing I've ever done
....The amazing support network I have and how lucky I am to have such creative, talented, awesome people in my life.

Feeling Blessed and Back on Track,


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  1. Everyday life makes for a wonderful blog...putting it all together like that makes it even more blessed...glad you are back on track gain. I am working on it.