Saturday, November 16, 2013

Creating Calm

Today has been an overcast and cloudy day in ATL.

I've been working on laundry and housecleaning on and off all day and I'm still not finished!  I need to get by to my flylady routine of a load a day - it works, I know it works and I'm not sure why I ever stop.

Sammie organized her room including closet and drawers and added a new decoration she bought:

I LOVE it!  Feels like what I've been working on this week.

Merlin on Alex's bed

Alex gave Merlin a hair cut this week and he was happy about it so when she left for school on Friday he graced her bed with his presence :)

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  1. When all four of my kiddies were home and I was busy with mom things like scouts, room mother and PTA I tried different routines to get things done efficiently. A load a day worked best and gave me more free time...Love alex's new deco...