Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Blogging for You? Blogging for Me? Blogging for Therapy?

It’s almost Fall.  The time of year when the kids are getting back to school, the time of year that I’m beginning to get my school-year stride and the time of year that I’m having my annual identity crisis.   

I laugh at myself even as I type this.  August/Sept. is always the time of year that I question what I am doing with my life.  This is the time of year I tend to get myself in trouble for signing up for too many committees, saying yes to too many things that distract me from my true purpose (whatever that is) when the question of what it is I want to create is too overwhelming for me to boil down into a finite manner that I can execute on this earthly plane – especially while balancing my family, household, carpool and all the rest.

I have been flirting with blogging for years now.  It fascinates me.  I love following my friends’ blogs and the writer in me looks on with awe and wonder and then the nudging in my soul begins begging me to start producing.  

I recently met a new friend, Ruth Schowalter at Atlanta InterPlay – she’s amazing – she’s an artist, blogger and so many more things that I am eagerly anticipating learning about her as we get to know each other.

She offered her blogging help and asked these questions…

“We can talk about where you want to go with your blog from that starting place. Be thinking about your MISSION. Why go to your blog and write? What is your PURPOSE for blogging. An overarching MISSION that you are totally committed to will keep you blogging enthusiastically. Also, who are you writing for??? Who is your audience and what do they need to know about your MISSION.”

The start she was talking about was when my first blog poured out of me after my friend Wendy died.

Not the usual way folks start a blog I suspect.

So I started to ponder her questions and here was my “quick” response…

“Answering the questions you asked - wow - My mission. I am and always have been a facilitator. I'm a social worker and a trainer, a coach, an artist, a poet, etc. So many directions I could take it in - including my Native American inspired women's retreats. My mission I think has always been to inspire people, to connect people and to celebrate relationships and Mother Earth. One of my biggest blocks to doing a blog on a daily basis (and where my career is going) is I want to do it All!!!!

Oh and triathlon training for folks over 40 and Paleo lifestyle.... so many topics....what to do....”

With further contemplation:

When I think about who I’m writing for, I think about the writing that has bubbled up and out of me in the past.  My best work has been inspired by great emotion and writing gives me the venue to present it or get it out as it is.  My poetry has been whispering louder and louder looking for a platform to be heard.  So in part I’m writing for me.  For that part of me that wants to share what is in my soul for you, my friends and family to see. 

Then there is the part of me that is shy (yes, I do have that part of me- quit snickering) hesitates to say this next bit…that I am writing for you.  Do I have some wisdom to impart that will inspire you?  I would hope so.  

But here is where it gets tricky in my brain and cup that flows over with an abundance of ideas.  Which topic/mission do I pick?  Would it work to do them all?

Like multi-colored threads of a tapestry weaving together that in effect is my fun-filled, crazy life. 

So that is what today’s tiptoeing into the shallow waters of blogging is about…creating a blog…creating a mission…really just creating.  That is what my soul has been shouting for more of this time of year…what am I creating?

So tell me what are you creating this time of year?  And, if you’re interested in following my blog is there any one topic that you would love to read more about (from the previous list given) or are you game for them all?

Wrapping you around with infinite love and laughter today and always,



  1. Why not use Create as your theme? Then you can go in so many directions, but still tie it into the main theme. You can create emotion, encouragement, love...but cooking is creating, poetry is creating... Isn't creating actually a type of facilitation?

    What am I creating? Some answers might be obvious, but I think I need to think on that. There are many layers to the thought.