Friday, August 30, 2013

Good Enough....

So the thing I'm finding the most difficult about starting a blog and "practicing" it daily is it being good enough.  Yesterday I did a very quick post in less than 15 minutes to go with the topic I chose.  After I hit "publish" the doubts starting creeping in..."Was it good enough? Oh my, that was fluff! etc, etc"  Then when I realized that blog would be the first one folks saw when they went to my blog vs. the previous two posts (which I spent more time on and reflected more on before I hit the publish button) I was really squirming.  When I shared these feelings with a good friend of mine she gave the idea of "hiding" the blog if I wanted to so I still had written for the day but I didn't have to share.  I thought about this.  Was still thinking about it this morning and realized the core issue was one I have struggled with my whole life - being good enough.  Perfectionism has a tendency to stop me from doing things I love - such as writing and sharing.  The fear of not being "good enough" or perfect or etc, etc.  I know I'm not perfect.  You know I'm not perfect.   So letting go of that illusion and the fear that you quit reading if I have an off day/crappy post is a must.  There will be days (many I'm guessing) where 15 minutes is all I have to give to writing.  (Especially while my amazing daughters are at home and I'm blessed to have the opportunity to juggle all the varied tasks that come with four busy talented people living their lives).  So today I'm taking a deep breath (Inhales deeply) and declaring "it" GOOD ENOUGH.




  1. You are doing a fantastic job...remember to jsut enjoy the journey...

  2. Christine! I so understand your feelings. That's why I repeat to myself this mantra I learned from Natalie Goldberg: Not Good. Not Bad. Just is.

    For me, I want to write and post. I want to be an active blogger. I may not want to publish every day, but when I do hit the publish button, I want to be free of worry.

    Isn't it amazing that blogging can be a kind of zen practice?

  3. I'm very much enjoying reading your musings and feeling not quite so alone as I read them. Your recent postings have helped me to start posting again. I was feeling stalled due to not having "perfect" posts, but now I'm feeling like getting back to it. Thanks :)

  4. Thanks so much ladies!!! Yes to Zen Blogging and Yes to imperfect posts - let's do this thing!!