Sunday, February 8, 2015

Laughter and religion

“What is this precious love and laughter budding in our hearts?” says the Sufi poet Hafiz. “Listen … it is the glorious sound of a soul waking up!”

 Dear friends,

It's been a beautiful weekend her in Atlanta, GA.  Sunshine and Spring like temperatures.

 I'm been at about half speed/energy due to being sick all week.  Glad to say I feel like I'm on the way to Healthy and Well!  

Friday night I stayed in (missed a great b-day party for a friend :( ) so I could rest and recover.

Saturday we popped into a birthday party for a 6 year old friend of ours before heading out to a World Religion Day Celebration.  

The SoulPrint Players were invited to participate with our dear friend, Audrey Galex, and back up her story with a Gesture Choir.  

It was fun and educational and both Joe and I performed.   I continue to be amazed at the places that InterPlay takes me.

 We listened to some great music from members of the Bahai faith and a Muslim Sheik.  We saw a beautiful power point from a professor from Emory that was representing the Hinduism (I told him my Shiva Lingam story). 
A picture of the performers - the InterPlayers trying to get everyone to be goofy

We laughed and listened and had a great time learning about different religions and identifying the connections and themes that run through them.  It was delightful.

Afterwards it was back home to rest and recover.

Today I went over and smudged a friend's home in the Native American tradition.  More laughs and love.  

I also read a great blog entry this morning from Anthony Makar  minister of the UUCASacred laughter of the sufis.

I'm still thinking about my trip to prison on Friday and the amazing performances and music I heard there.

What have you been up to this weekend?

Wrapping you around with infinite love and laughter,



  1. I just did a smudging for my house last week! Did not use this smudging prayer though so thank you very much for posting it!

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