Thursday, February 5, 2015

Enchanter's Echo

Dear Friends,

Feeling better today and and was able to get out and about a little.

Had tea with my friend, Denise, at our new local coffee shop, Espresso Theory.

Denise writes under the pen name, Anise Rae.

Her second book Enchanter's Echo of the Mayflower Mages series will be released February 17th. 
She writes terrific paranormal romance.  

I loved her first book - Syphon's Song.  It was fun, engaging and a great read.  I loved the characters and the world Anise built.  I love the magic that flows through her books and I highly recommend them.

Today we planned a book release and signing party.  She will be signing books and meeting fans in two weeks.  If you're local I hope you will join us to celebrate her amazing achievements.  

Wrapping you around with infinite love & creative achievement,



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