Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Creating a New Year!

Dear friends,

Wow!  January 7th already.  I took a break from blogging (a little longer than I anticipated) after #Reverb14.

Between the youngest  battling the flu for 6 days, the holidays and being out of my routine the time has magically disappeared!

Yesterday school started back for the kids which means my regular routines kick back into gear - yahooo!!!!

 I love the New Year and the collective manifesting that is occurring.  I've been using Susanna Conway's free workbook Let's Make Some Magic in 2015 to review 2014 and make some great plans for 2015!

I also did 2 of her 5 day email course to choose my word for 2015 (I think I'll do a whole blog on that tomorrow).

 On New Year's Eve Joe and I rang in the New Year dancing under this amazing Geo-fire dome built by the crew of Incendia.  We danced until 2 am - wow!  We celebrated New Year's Day with the girls and friends and a fantastic
yummy meal, terrific conversation and fun!

At another friends' 12th night celebration we participated in a burning bowl celebration (to let go of anything we needed to in 2012 - we wrote it on a piece of paper and then it was burned) and whispered our intentions for 2015 into a newly lit candle.  It was a beautiful ceremony and evening that included new friends, lots of yummy food and music!

Downtown Duluth - Sunset Sunday
 One of the things I did during the break was finally sign up for Instagram (thanks to the encouragement of my friend +Hallelujah Truth ) my "handle" is gautreauxgang and here is a picture I captured after work on Sunday in Downtown Duluth, GA.  

This week for Daily Creative Practice I  started Zen Tangling - super fun and relaxing all at the same time!

I also had a chance to have tea and catch up with several friends over the break - which is always delightful!

One of the things on my list for 2014 & continuing into 2015 is pottery.  I had a chance to create a few things over the break that are in process.  They have been fired once and now I'm glazing and getting them ready for the second kiln firing.  They are simple pendants and magnets.  I'm excited to see how they turn out!

2015 is off to a creative and fun start and I'm excited to see it unfold.

Wrapping you around with infinite love and all the best this New Year including lots of joy, laughter and love,



  1. Your posts always bring me great sunshine and joy. I can't wait to see how your pottery pieces turn out! Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you my friend! Much love & Happy Happy New Year!